Branding we represent include but not limited to USM Modular Furniture Switzerland, Arper Italy, Humanscale US, Thonet Germany, Fontana Arte Italy, etc. USM Modular Furniture, say for example, was designed in 1965 and cross over a few generation in office furniture system. Metallic and modern feel of the furniture with classic black and white color are always pleasing and welcoming to client who desire long term consistence in office environment. Some of our happy client already use this office furniture system for more than 20 years and yet keep modifying the system to fit his new office or new house.

Our happy client in office furniture china market include Hugo Boss , Honeywell, Swiss Re, Mercedes Benz, ThyssenKrupp, State Power, Chinese Academy of Science and so on. Our leading position in imported office furniture in china allows us to grow with our client over time.